Welcome To Our Practice

Urgent Care located in Denver and Colorado Springs, CO

Urgent CareX offers comprehensive walk-in urgent care for patients at two offices in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado. The team of experienced medical providers diagnose and treat many sudden health issues, such as urinary tract infections, COVID-19, minor injuries, and upper respiratory conditions. In addition, they offer school and sports physicals, sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing, and other medical care for people of all ages. 

Urgent CareX understands the importance of prompt medical attention when a sudden health issue arises. The caring providers emphasize compassionate, professional, and efficient care, always putting patients first and making them feel welcome. 

With help from Urgent CareX, Denver and Colorado Springs residents can avoid the emergency room, save money, and spend less time getting the care they need. 

For any non-emergency care during the week, call the Urgent CareX office or click on the online appointment maker now. For urgent care, just walk into the office during regular hours.