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School and Sports Physicals services offered in Denver and Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado children of all ages need physicals before they can attend a school or participate in sports. At Urgent CareX in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado, the experienced providers stay up-to-date on the Colorado requirements for school and sports physicals, so they can quickly perform the exam and clear your child for school and sports. Book your appointment online or call the office to schedule today.

School and Sports Physicals Q&A

What are school and sports physicals?

School and sports physicals are two types of exams that many Colorado children need. Children need to meet specific health requirements to enroll in public and private schools and licensed child care facilities, and they can do so with a school physical.

Similarly, Colorado children must meet specific requirements to participate in any type of school sporting activities. If your child wants to try out for a team, practice, or play sports at school, they must first pass a sports physical. 

What do school and sports physicals consist of?

Each type of physical is tailored to the needs of your child. 

School physical

A school physical includes a detailed medical and family history. Your child’s provider checks their height, weight, eyes, ears, heart, lungs, other aspects of health, and their overall wellness. 

The state of Colorado requires seven vaccinations for all children entering child care or school, and a school physical is a good time to get your child up-to-date on those vaccinations. Depending on your child’s age and individual situation, they may need other vaccinations, such as HPV vaccination, at age 11-12.  

Sports physical

Sports physicals are general checkups that include the same type of whole-child exam as a school physical. 

With sports physicals, your child’s provider also focuses on their physical ability to participate in sports, previous sports injuries, injury prevention, and other aspects of preparing to play sports. 

Many children may need separate school and sports physicals, depending on their plans for the school year. 

How frequently does my child need school and sports physicals?

Children should have school physicals once a year, ideally around six weeks before they start school. That allows enough time to diagnose and treat problems before your child goes to school. 

Colorado students must complete a sports physical once a year if they participate in sports. Your child can’t participate in any sport without a sports physical, even if they played the same sport at the same school last year.  

School and sports physicals are easy at Urgent CareX. The experienced medical providers can help your child meet all the exam requirements and issue a clean bill of health quickly, so now’s the time to schedule your child’s exam. Call the office or use the online booking link now.